In collaboration with its local partner organisation, CooP-Africa gives 60 bicycles on credit to household families in rural Gakomeye. Families receive the bicycle from the first deposit so they can use the bicycle to generate more income, pay off their bikes and improve their living standards. Families who buy a bicycle on credit are being guided by our local partner organisation. They are trained in maintenance and repair of the bicycle, credit and savings and making a plan how to use the bicycle. The women involved in this project are economically active women who live in the rural area Gakomeye. The objective of the project is that these women in a period of one year will manage to increase their income by 10% as a result of access to a bicycle on credit.

• Target group: rural families
• Period: Starting in 2012
• Supported by: private donors
• Local partner organisation: FAPDR


People in the dry and hot Ngeruka region live in extreme poverty. Specifically women are suffering under the hard conditions to raise an income. The project in Ngeruka aims to enable women to increase their income by increased profit from the sales of their crops on various markets, and a reduction of their transport cost. We also started a project in a village named Gakenke. This is a very fertile and hilly area, where people are able to grow a variety of crops. There is plenty of food. Since the village is very remote, the people are facing difficulties in getting their products to the nearest market. They depend on others for transportation, what compromises the profit on their products. Bicycles help them to have access to markets.

• Target group: rural families
• Period: Since 2009 
• Supported by: private donors + 1 procent club
• Co-financers: Impulsis
• Local partner organisation: FAPDR

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