We are a global membership organisation. Our structure includes our International Headquarters located in the Netherlands, 2 fundraising affiliates and 2 country offices and their programme units. They all have their own separate legal entities but serve the same unique access and mobility approach.

International HeadquartersCyclign out of Poverty Network

Our International Headquarters is located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.  It provides leadership, alignment and services to other fundraising affiliates, and above all supports the country offices.

Fundraising Affiliates

We have two fundraising affiliates, in Belgium and United Kingdom. They raise money for the Social Bicycle Projects in the Global South and engage the public in our work. Junior Fundraising Affiliates are 100% volunteer run affiliates, while Senior Fundraising Affiliates have staff.

Country Offices

Our country offices in Kenya and Uganda are responsible for all programme operations within their country. Within each country where we operate, we have programme units that manage and implement our programmes on the ground. They work directly with the communities.