Bikeventures is a social enterprise under the wings of Cycling out of Poverty, with offices in Kenya and Uganda. To support the bicycle projects of Cycling out of Poverty, Bikeventures offers a range of cycling and mountain bike tours (from half day to multi-day tours), bicycle rental, cycling safaris, cycling holidays and budget accommodations in Uganda and Kenya. Besides that CooP-Africa creates jobs with this social enterprise and offers training opportunities for young people, it also creates an income to support the social bicycle interventions. All proceeds are allocated to the three social bike projects: Bike4Work, Bike4School and Bike4Care.

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Discover Africa by bike!
Do you want to explore Uganda and / or Kenya in a different way? Are you looking for a unique and authentic experience? Bikeventures (operating from Kisumu, Kenya and Jinja, Uganda) offers a refreshing alternative to the standard tourist activities. On a bike you come closer to the people and experience the fascinating lifestyle, nature and culture much more intense. Discover Africa by bike! Whether you’re on a bike for half a day for a historic tour or want to cycle through the whole country for a week, everything is possible. Our core values: Adventurous, committed, fun, respect and support of the communities and the environment.

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Jinja, Uganda
Plot 1 Victoria Close
(500m from the Source of the Nile)
Jinja, Uganda

Kisumu, Kenya
Ring Road
(opposite PLAN international)
Kisumu, Kenya