If you have a complaint, please inform CooP-Africa about it. That way we can correct the error(s) and learn from them. All complaints will be recorded.

How to complain?
• Send an email to complaints@coop-africa.org and describe your complaint
• Phone CooP-Africa at +31 615895529
• Send a letter to the address below:
CooP-Africa, Cycling out of Poverty
Kasteelselaan 4
6574 AJ Ubbergen

What do we do with your complaint?
• A written complaint will be investigated immediately and you will receive a reply within 14 days. If the complaint is not entirely clear, we will first contact you. Please do not forget to mention your contact details.
• A telephone complaint will be handled directly by telephone. If the complaint cannot be investigated directly, we will make a callback appointment or we will send you a written response within 14 days.