Walking more than 10km to school ensures a lack of energy when sitting in the class or standing in front of it, so students can’t give their full attention to learning. CooP-Africa offers:

  • bicycles on credit for students and teachers
  • school activities to promote the use of bicycles and improve access to education

Bike4School projects create favourable conditions for school performance, and can improve access to education. Support CooP-Africa’s Bike4School and enable these students to improve access to education:

kitamirike moses 520x244

I use this bicycle to escort my two younger brothers to school every morning.

Kitamirike Moses, student Uganda

basirika 520x244

A bicycle is another teacher. A school without a teacher is like a home without a bicycle, because a student can’t understand without a teacher in class and even a student form very far can’t reach school earlier without a bicycle.

Basirika Anitah, student in Uganda

no more walking

When I was in primary school, I walked to school every day. Those who were in secondary school used to pass me by on the way on a bicycle. I always dreamed to ride one to school one day myself. Now I am in S4 and I was given the opportunity to aquire a bicycle on credit. I now cycle to school every day, passing many primary school students on the way!

Daniel, student in Uganda.


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