The Green Hub Shop with outlets in Kisumu, Kenya and Jinja, Uganda is a bicycle factory and bicycle shop in one! The ideal one-stop-shop for everything with bicycles and mobility. The Green Hub Shops are social enterprises that create fair jobs and apprenticeships for, for example, people with a distance to the job market. All proceeds from the Green Hub Shops are donated to the bicycle interventions of Cyclign out of Poverty (CooP-Africa). Buy from Green Hub Shops and you support Cycling out of Poverty (CooP-Africa).

Bicycle factory
In the bicycle factory, innovative bicycles and bicycle products are designed, developed and manufactured. Some of the most striking products are ordinary bicycles, cargo bikes, bicycle trailers, wheelchairs and other custom-made products (including agricultural tools).

CooP-Uganda and Green Hub (39)

Bike shop
In the bicycle shop a wide range of bicycles is sold, bicycle accessories and the end products from the bicycle factory. Because of the wide range, the Green Hub is the one-stop-shop for bicycles and bicycle-related products.

Very affordable bikes with a thought out price / quality ratio
Tembo specs
High quality mountain bikes

Contact details:

Jinja, Uganda
Plot 1 Victoria Close
(500m from the Source of the Nile)
Jinja, Oeganda

Kisumu, Kenya
Kondelle By-Pass
(behind Arina primary school)
Kisumu, Kenya

Rolstoelen Green Hub