Today is World Bicycle Day. The Netherlands, where the roots of Cycling out of Poverty Foundation are, is known worldwide, so to speak, as ‘the country that invented cycling’. We Dutch do not really give it that much thought. Those cycle paths, bicycle highways, bike nodes routes, bicycle flyovers, bicycle bridges, etc. are simply there. But did you know that in many countries of the world cycling is not so obvious at all? That is why the United Nations has declared June 3 World Bicycle Day, a day where we celebrate bicycles worldwide and encourage governments to embrace the bicycle.

Typisch straatbeeld in Kampala, Oeganda


Also in the areas we we work with our bicycle project in Africa cycling is not so obvious. The bicycle is seen as a means of transport for the poor people who cannot afford a motorbike or car. And infrastructure is only developed for cars and other motorised transport. As a result, cities are blocked in traffic jams, air pollution is increasing and there is no space left for people.

And if there is one good thing about corona is that the corona measures have put a temporary end to the inefficient and environmentally polluting public transport and even prohibited the use of private cars in Uganda. In these times, people of all social and economic classes became dependent on walking and cycling due to these corona measures. As a result, not 80-90% of the population were categorised as pedestrians and cyclists, but almost 100%. And however difficult this was to accept at first for many, the benefits soon became clear. Traffic jams dissolved, the air was clean, fewer traffic accidents, and space was again created for the people in the cities. What if we could only keep a small part of this after Covid-19?

That is why Cycling out of Poverty Foundation is launching its new #AdoptABikeLane project. For almost 15 years we have been improving access to education, health care, work and income in African countries by equipping students, health workers, farmers and small entrepreneurs with bicycles. But from now on, we are also committed to improve the bikeability and cycling culture in the areas in which we operate. So that more people, cycle more often, for more reasons.


With the quick build bicycle infrastructure, we can keep those people who started appreciating cycling again due to the corona measures, on the bicycle. And with #StreetsForPeople we can develop a city that is post-covid-19 proof, cleaner and safer. The government would is with us, but the budget priority is elsewhere, so we as Cycling out of Poverty Foundation have decided to raise funds for bicycle paths, bicycle lanes and other bicycle facilities that can be realised quickly and affordably.

We therefore ask you for support to make Jinja (Uganda) a real cycling city. We request financial support for quick build and affordable infrastructure such as a piece of bicycle lane as part of a larger bicycle path network. But also, for example, for organising car-free days, critical mass rides and bicycle parking.

Proposed Bike Lanes Network Jinja – Uganda 2020-2021

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