Cycling out of Poverty is currently fund raising for a new bicycle project in Uganda. Our partner organisation BSPW is active in a number of villages in Jinja and Mayuge district on assessing with the communities which skills they want to enhance to be able to alliviate themselves and their community from poverty. BSPW supports these groups with training them how to make an action plan and a monitoring tool. A number of these people indicated that a bicycle would help them forward. The bicycle as income generating tool, as a means to give themselves and their family a chance to generate income. Cycling out of Povery is currently fundraising for a starting capital for BSPW, so that BSPW can provide bicycles on credit to these people. The idea is that after the first group has paid off their bicycles to BSPW, BSPW can again give out a group of bicycles to a new group of beneficiaries, as a revolving fund. This project is supported by NCDO. NCDO doubles the funds raised by Cycling out of Poverty. Each 1 euro donated eventually is worth 2 euros. Click on the adjoining video for a video about this project. Would you like to support this project? Donate via SNS bank account number (IBAN: NL68 SNSB 0906146356, Swiftcode: SNSBNL2A).