Inclusion of cycling in transport and urban development planning is essential to the creation of sustainable and liveable communities. In Kisumu, Kenya, from 24 September to 5 October 2012 a refresher course on planning for cycling in African cities was organised for ABN members. The refresher course explored the core concepts of cycling-inclusive urban planning and discussed strategies related to creating effective and comprehensive bicycle master plans. 

In cooperation with African Bicycle Network, CooP-Africa organises a workweek concerning an African hand-driven tricycle. With the available designs and production manuals, input of disabled entrepreneurs, and experiences of different ABN members a hand-driven tricycle for entrepreneurs will be developed. During the week Jeroen Spoelstra, Professor of the University of Amsterdam, will give a guest lecture. Besides ABN members, students of the Polytechnic Kisumu, students of the TU Delft and disabled entrepreneurs will participate.

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