An international group of technicians and designers are having an exchange on the design of hand powered tricycles. In most African countries disabled people use hand powered devices to move from one place to another. Often the design is based on a regular wheel chair. But especially for disabled entrepreneurs, the vehicles that are currently in use are not fitting the needs. That is why the group is trying to optimize the current designs, so that disabled entrepreneurs can make more out of their businesses.

The group exist of CooP-Africa partner organisations in Kenya and Uganda, who are already producing hand powered tricycles for disabled people in their workshop, but not yet the entrepreneur type of tricycle. The group is supported by a team of Delft University of Technology and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, who have experience with designing tricycles for disabled people.

The team has designed various proto-types of hand-tricycle for disabled entrepreneurs in Africa. Together with a group of disabled people a list of requirements and sketches are made which can be used for further development of a new improved hand tricycle.

This exchange is part of the activities of the African Bicycle Network for 2012. For more information about this project, go to African Bicycle Designhand driven tricycle.