One of the measures the Ugandan government took in avoiding the spread of Covid-19, was to close schools. Since end of March all schools in Uganda are closed, and are still closed to date. It is unlikely they will open soon. Students are trying to study from home using tv, radio, news paper and papers distributed via local authorities. Just before schools closed, some students received a Bike4School bicycle from CooP-Uganda. How are the students using the bicycles now, when there is no school?

We asked Mustafa. He says: “I’m Gizamba Mustafa; I thank Coop Uganda for giving me this bicycle to help me when going to school. But because of Corona Virus, I am not able to go to school since we are in Lockdown but I use the bicycle to go to the market and shops to buy things for home. I promise Coop Uganda that I will read my books to achieve the best results in class because of the bicycle you gave to me since it will be helping me to reach school in time. Thank you so much Coop Uganda.”