Time flies! It is almost Christmas time. A time for giving; a time to consider those less fortunate than ourselves. A great time also to organise a sponsor run or any other charity fundraising event. Are you a teacher, a student or parent to a student? We call upon you to consider raising funds for Bike4School, one of our bicycle projects in Kenya and Uganda.

N2015-10 Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen #Bike4School

Bike4School supports less fortunate students in Kenya and Uganda with bicycles. Due to long distances to school and no transport options but walking many students drop out of school. Majority of the drop-outs being girls, not because they are less ambitious, but because they need to support the household with chores like fetching water and firewood.  A bicycles improves access to education and helps them to cycle out of poverty.


Accessing and completing education is an investment for the future and opens opportunities to break the vicious circle of poverty. Girls who finish their secondary education are less likely to be married as a child and are less likely to become one of the many teen mothers. By giving girls access to a bicycle you can empower them. And it has been shown  that educating a girl will change the world and empowers the whole country.

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How awesome would it be if you, your children or your students could be part of this and raise funds for students in Kenya or Uganda? Giving them access to a bicycles and making the difference for them. Organise a sponsor run, a charity ride or Christmas diner to support students in Africa with bicycles. START YOUR FUNDRAISER NOW and let us know about your efforts, events and everything else. Be part of it! Reach out to us via info@coop-africa.org.