Donations and assignments for Geart Tigchelaar’s world cycle trip are trickling in. At the end of February 60 euros were donated, and some assignments were given with which Geart can earn some more donations.

Geart explains: “Last week I received a kickass assignment from my publisher. He wants me to write a poem or a very short story in every country I visit. CooP gets € 25 for every poem/short story and they will be published in a book when I get back again.

I received a very interesting assignment by the world famous author, and winner of the Gysbert Japicx-prize, Koos Tiemersma.
A copy of his book Under wetter (Under water) is in the library of the university of Kaunas since 2014. My assignment is that I have to check if it is still there and to see in what state it is. Therefore I have to fill in a form and sent that back to the author. When I’ve completed it, we’ll receive € 100!

A good friend of mine gave me the assignment to take a photograph during a midsummernight in Sweden or Finland for the amount of € 50.”

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