Nyalunya group

Under the Bike4Care programme, a group of health workers in Nyalunya Kenya started using CooP-Africa bicycles in November 2012. Now, in June 2013 they are still using the bicycles, and are keeping them in good working condition. A majority reports that the project has had a great impact on their work and can now visit 70 households per-month as opposed to 20 households they could visit previously. The health workers have been making hospital referrals, passing positive health information to their clients and tracing drug defaulters among other noble activities. Since the members of the group work as volunteers, they are now operating a bank account with the intention of saving and setting up an income generating activity. They are planning to set up a poultry unit to be a sustainable source of income as a majority of them are volunteers and are not secularly employed. Go to this page for more information about this Bike4Care project.