2011-06ngerukaIn 2010, the first round of students on 2 schools in Iganga District (Uganda) received a bicycle on credit via our partner organisation FABIO. By now, all students have paid off their bicycle. This means that FABIO is getting ready for a new group of students who will receive a new round of bicycles, which are paid from the revolving fund of the first group. Dispite the good results of the programme (all students have paid of the bicycle and have been able to improve their school results due to the bicycle), there is a minor challenge. Also a few teachers were part of the first group of beneficiaries. And since the teachers salaries (which are paid by the government) have been delayed, also the payment of the bicycles by the teachers have been delayed. Therefore, the new group of teachers are not yet able to revolve. The teachers however do indicate that the bicycle helps them to reach school in time and more energetic. For more information about this project, click here to go to the project page.