2011-08fietsen4fietsenThe 10 bicycle friends from “cycling4cyclists” have completed their bicycle tour from Lausanne to Florence. They spent around 42 hours on the bicycle, with an average speed of almost 23 km/h. Via the high mountains of the Alps and the Apennines. With their tour, they managed to raise more funds than they aimed for: the goal was to raise 25,000 euros and they managed to raise almost 30,000 euros. This amount is allocated for the Bike2clean project in Burkina Faso. Read their blog about their journey on www.fietsen4fietsen.nl. Maurits Barendrecht, Joris Beckers, Cornelis Bos, Noud Cornelissen, Peter Jurgens, Jaap de Keijzer, Fred Schoorl, Daan Sistermans, Onno van Veldhuizen and Jaap Winter, thank you for this top-notch performance!