bicycle flagAre you going to make a bicycle tour? Make it a sponsor tour and raise funds for (one of) the projects of CooP-Africa!

Ask friends, relatives and (local) organisations and companies to sponsor your bicycle tour. Get people to sponsor each kilometer, each altimeter or flat tyre, a fixed amount, or an assignment that is executed, such as a photo on a certain spot.


Sponsor Bicycle Tours

A number of people already made a sponsor bicycle tour for CooP-Africa. For example Ko Verpoorte, who cycled the Maratone dles Dolomites, Wim Weeseman cycled the North Sea Tour counterclockwise, Nicolas Cerulus took part in the 24h cycling race on the legendary Le Mans race track in France and Gert Verhofstede cycled trough Uganda and raised funds for CooP-Africa


wim weeseman wielershirtPromotion material

If you decide to organise a sponsor bicycle tour we will send you a cycling shirt with the logo op CooP-Africa and a bicycle flag. We can send you brochures and flyers, which you can share with friends, relatives, (local) companies and organisations in your social network.


Generate publicity

CooP-Africa can support you in writing a press release. Send it to the (local) press and  jump at the chance to generate publicity for your bicycle tour and action to support CooP-Africa.


Contact us

Share your plans with us and we can discuss how we can helpt you to make your bicycle tour a success. Send an email to or fill out the form below. Thank you.


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