Bicycles in Burkina Faso are as popular as in the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany. That is why the local government of Koudougou in Burkina Faso invited AVO and CooP-Africa to brainstorm about how the bicycle could be beneficial to contribute the reaching some of the goals of the municipal development plan of Koudougou. Specific areas bicycles can address are water (challenges at the moment: low network coverage, frequent failure of water, lack of water management systems), and sanitation (challenges at the moment: flooding in rain season due to drainage, low maintenance or no existence of sewerage, inadequacy of handling problems of faeces and the uncontrolled dumping of solid waste). Therefore, AVO is setting up a Bike4Water demonstration project.

The Bike4Water project will improve access to water for household use and agriculture by making use of bicycles. This bicycle intervention will make access to water easy and will create income to maintain the system. It will improve opportunities for a stable income during the year, since a constant water supply will make it possible to farm year round, and it will contribute to a reduction of water borne diseases.

• Target group: water distributors and households
• Period: Since 2011
• Supported by: private donors + UN-Habitat
• Local partner organisation: AVO


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