Are you passionate about cycling? Turn you passion into action. Use your upcoming event or challenge to support CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty) giving access to education, health care and income with bicycles. Get active and fundraise through your passion for cycling! Join other committed cycling enthusiasts from around the world. Your passion for cycling can make a world of difference in Africa. Join the Bikeventures Cycling Club!


-more than a bicycle adventures-

Logo Bikeventures Cycling ClubBikeventures Cycling Club is group of cycling enthusiastics supporting and promoting the cause of CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty). By joining the Bikeventures Cycling Club you turn your passion for cycling into action to raise funds for the bicycle interventions of CooP (Bike4School, Bike4Care and Bike4Work) and promoting our work in Africa. As team member of Bikeventures Cycling Club you become our ambassador.

You can join Bikeventures Cycling Club by filling out this form and donate 100 euro. Once you have joined the Bikeventures Cycling Club you’ll receive our Bikeventures Cycling Club t-shirt free-of-charge. By joining Bikeventures Cycling Club, we’ll provide you with a fundraising toolkit to help you fundraise and create awareness for your fundraising efforts. You can also find our team members on our Wall of Fame. To Inspire, Inform and Involve you can also meet up with members on our Bikeventures Cycling Club Facebook Group;


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    To set a good example I will donate 100 euro to CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty)

    To show our appreciation CooP-Africa will send you a free Bikeventures Cycling Club t-shirt. Would you like to receive a free t-shirt?

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