As countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are starting to lift lock-downs, it would be wise to consider and seriously think about restarting in a manner that is more efficient, more sustainable and greener. A ‘new normal’ needs to be developed to replace ‘business as usual’.

During these lock-downs, although we all faced challenges, we were just getting used to walking and riding a bicycle to follow the countries’ Covid-19 directives. Actually all around the world people got to enjoy clear blue skies thanks to cleaner air and began to hear birds sing as noise decreased. To respond to these trends, London, Geneva, Brussels, and many other cities have decided to invest in bike lanes.


According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), investing in pedestrians and cyclists – who often make up the majority of citizens in a city – can save lives, help protect the environment and support poverty reduction.

As we hope to remain with some good things from Covid-19, Cycling out of Poverty Foundation is starting a new programme called #AdoptABikeLane. We need to meet the needs of the majority of people who walk and cycle. To help them and to help the cities to be post-Covid-19-proof, avoid increased emissions, and improve air quality and road safety. NOW!

In the places and cities where we operate our bicycle interventions (#Bike4School, #Bike4Care, #Bike4Work) , starting in Jinja, Uganda we will lobby for bike lanes and discuss with and support local authorities to plan for and implement cycling infrastructure.

Proposed Bike Lanes Network Jinja – Uganda 2020-2021


We would like to raise 20.000 euro of private funds before 31st of December 2020 to start implementing the first 2 kilometers of bike lane in Jinja, Uganda on Kiira Road.

You can Adopt A Bike Lane @ 100 euro per 10 meters

This bike lane is part of a larger network of bike lanes that Cycling out of Poverty Foundation and Jinja City would like to implement before December 2021. This proposed bike lane network has a total length of 7.6 kilometers and will cost an approximate 80,000 euro, excl. the in-kind contributions of advisors, experts, traffic engineers and other consultants who have volunteered to support this #AdoptABikeLane Crowdfunding Campaign.