Bicycle mechanics from Nyanza area in Kenya have been trained to fix the specific bicycles that are issued to health care workers under the Bike4Care programme. The first part of the training took place at the Cycling Blue Workshop in Kisumu. In the second week of February the second part of the training took place at the work place of each mechanic. In Kaluo, Nyadhi, Boro, Kadenge, Karuoth, Chiga and Nyalunya the CooP-Africa trainer assisted the mechanic for one day in fixing bicycles. The mechanics repaired the bicycles of the health workers for free. In some areas lots of health workers jumped at the chance to have their bicycle checked. At some locations fewer people were interested.

Health professionals are pleased to have a bicycle with a coaster brake. They had to get used to it. An advantage is that a coaster brake needs less maintenance, as the blocks of hand brakes have to be changed very often. One of the things that causes trouble are tubes that really need replacing. The tire size is different and hardly available at the local market. Fortunately, the Cycling Blue Workshop has some tires and tubes in stock.

With the help of CooP-Africa’s Bike4Care programme, medical workers in Africa use bicycles to visit patients at home. Health workers on a bicycle can visit more patients, reach patients faster, and travel longer distances. More information about the Bike4Work programme in which mechanics are trained, or the Bike4Care programme in which health care workers in Kenya are provided with bicycles.


2013-02borob4c 2013-02chigab4c 2013-02kadengeb4c  

Boro                                                        Chiga                                                      Kadenge

2013-02kaluob4c 2013-02karuothb4c 2013-02nyadhib4c

Kaluo                                                      Karuoth                                                   Nyadhi