On Monday, 4th of May, the District Health Officer, Dr. Peter Dyogo Nantamu, received the next batch of bicycles from the #CoronaBike Fund in order to support the district’s efforts in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.


Last week our Bikeventures staff (social entreprise of Cycling out of Poverty FDN) visited the health workers who received the first batch of bicycles. Without tourists in the country, our Bikeventures Uganda staff don’t have any business, and were eager to support our work in the #CoronaBike programma. We were very happy to receive reports back that all bicycles found a good place in the villages surrounding Jinja and are making a difference in the fight against coronavirus. Therefore we would like to appreciate the honest and hard work of the Ministry of Health Jinja District, led by Dr. Dyogo, and were happy to be able to hand out more bicycles.