CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty) is pleased to announce a new corporate partner: BBB CYCLING . BBB Cycling is a renowned company for bicycle parts and accessories. They have an obvious passion for cycling. This is not only reflected in their products and service, but also in their support that they will give to the CooP-Africa bicycle projects.Mobility Partner CooP-Africa

Frank van Eck, Marketing Manager of BBB Cycling explains why they love CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty):

“Cycling is a passion of us and of our customers. We cherish the bond we have with the cycling community. We are part of every ride, bring pleasure in cycling, and ensure that cyclists spend more time on their bikes together with their friends. We are therefore pleased that we can also express our passion for cycling through supporting the bicycle projects of CooP-Africa that contribute to a better world. It is beautiful to see, original and unique that CooP-Africa puts the bicycle at the heart of the world in order to make a difference in the lives of so many African families and offers them opportunities and chances of a better future.”


Bicycle Tourism Uganda

BBB Cycling will among other things support Bikeventures. This social enterprise under the wings of CooP-Africa is run by Ugandan and Kenyan youth. In Kenya and Uganda, Bikeventures offers bicycle / mountain bike tours, bicycle and mountain bike rentals, cycling holidays and bicycle safaris. All proceeds from Bikeventures are donated to the bicycle projects of CooP-Africa.


Cycling Team

In addition, BBB Cycling will sponsor the Bikeventures Cycling Team. This is a promises team of Ugandan youngsters who develop self-confidence, cooperation and entrepreneurial skills through cycling. They are also supported with generating income. These skills and opportunities help them to become a role model in the community and beyond. Participation in cycling sport by this team will also lead to an image improvement of the bicycle. As a result, more people will see the bicycle as a real alternative means of transport.

BBB Cycling products will also be used on the Cycling Traffic Parks developed and set up by CooP-Africa. In these traffic parks, young people will be trained (through sport and play) in riding skills and traffic safety.