inside Bike4School book

Cycling out of Poverty (CooP-Africa) has now published a photo book showing students from Kenya and Uganda who go to school on their bicycles. The book shows pieces of handwritten essays in English by students from Kenya and Uganda, and photos of the relevant student that reflects the situation.

Luuk Eickmans, director of CooP Africa, says: “At first glance, there may be many differences between students in Africa and other parts of the World. Such as uniforms, and school buildings. But when taking a closer look, you’ll see that African schoolchildren are also just children. You’ll see that the same group processes take place as anywhere else(like the popular kid and the outsider). And that African schoolchildren have beautiful dreams, like schoolchildren in other parts of the world.”

The book can be purchased by sending € 19.95 to CooP-Africa, via account NL68 SNSB 0906146356 stating “Bike4School book” together with the address which it is to be sent (for addresses outside the Netherlands, pls contact first.) With the proceeds of the book, CooP-Africa can run the Bike4School programme. The Bike4School programme enables students and teachers to get a bicycle that they pay off in installments. As a result, children have enough energy to get good grades. And with school diploma they have a better future.