This Bike4Work project aims at improving economic outcomes of farmers in Nyanza Province Kenya by improving access to bicycles to solve their transport challenges. A majority of peasant farmers in Western Kenya do not have reliable means of transport to enable them to access markets for inputs and to sell off their produce. Poor roads and transport networks also contribute that these farmers are unable to take their produce to markets in time hence the produce like vegetables end up getting spoilt. Bike4Work seeks to provide a sustainable means of transport to farmers to enable them tp access markets, aiming at impcreased economic outcomes on their agricultural investment. A bicycle-on-credit will enable the farmers to carry more products to the market, markets can be visited more often and more time can be spent on other activities since the bicycles saves time. The bicycle also diversifies income. For instance besides planting tomatoes it creates time for making handicrafts, which makes their income less vulnerable to shocks as tomato diseases and droughts. Our goal is to give out 50 bicycles on credit through the revolving fund in 2014 and to expand the number of bicycles in 2015/2016 to 200 bicycles.

• Target group: farmers
• Period: Starting 2014
• Supported by: private donors, Nacht van de Fooi
• Local partner organisation: CooP-Kenya

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