Kisumu is known for the large number of boda boda bicycle riders. This profession provides income to many people. Cycling out of Poverty supports these people and creates opportunities for them to expand their business. Therefore a boda boda beauty contest was organised on Sunday 5th of June 2011. All boda boda riders of Kisumu were invited to participate and join the boda boda beauty contest. The bicycles were marked on 3 criteria: safety, comfort and beauty. Safety was checked by Philip Olum, the research and development technician of the Cycling Blue Workshop. Comfort and Beauty were marked by Sawala Obera of Lavesta. The 16 safest, most comfortable and most beautiful bicycles were awarded with a large number of bicycle spares. The 1st prize winner (George Tuda Gumba) won a tricycle, which is produced at the Cycling Blue Workshop. Luuk Eickmans, director of Cycling out of Poverty: “The idea of the beauty contest is to show that many boda boda riders are putting in effort to make their bicycle safe and good looking. We want to award those riders, which ensure their bicycle is safe and nice. We want to give them positive attention and respect.” Do you also want to support these small entrepreneurs on bicycles in Kenya, click here.