Although cycling in Nairobi is often seen as not safe, and people therefore have no other choice than walking or joining the congested roads with motorised transport, a growing number of people is being identified as potential cyclist. More and more institutions do come together to promote cycling like UNEP, UN-Habitat and many civil society organisations.

One of the major challenges for getting the recognition for non-motorised transport is the constant need for lobbying and advocacy to compete with the very strong lobby group for motorized transport. The African Civil Society and the (potential) bicycle riders at this point are trying hard to lobby and advocate for non-motorised transport, but are lacking a voice, a platform and capacity to make a big difference.

Civil society organisations are already uniting on the international and continental level through e.g.
the African Bicycle Network to lobby and advocate for non-motorised transport. In this programme bike2unite of Cycling out of Poverty the (potential) bicycle riders in Kenya are given a voice, their capacity to lobby and advocate for their needs and organise / coordinate a constituency for bicycle activities is strengthened. The bike2unite concept comprehends a variety of activities but is all centred at a bicycle empowerment workshop under which we will:
1. form cycling teams (clubs) for students and others (amateur and professional)
2. organise bicycle awareness events like bicycle caravan, round table discussions, etc.
3. organise road safety campaign: training on road safety, maintenance of bicycles and cycling, visibility
of cyclists, etc.
4. start small scale production of modified bicycles for small entrepreneurs
5. train youth in bicycle mechanics, bicycle modification and production


• Target group: (Potential) bicycle users
• Period: Since 2011
• Supported by: private donors
• Local partner organisation: Uvumbuzi

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