In Katawi in Northern Uganda, our partner organisation FABIO is executing a cycle to school project. This project started in 2007 with a pilot. The improvement of school results and the attendence level of the students in school was apperent, from the use of the bicycle. That is why CooP and Fabio decided to extend the project with a follow up. However, the region is flooded with charity organisations. Katakwi is a post-conflict zone and the site of regular floodings. The Red Cross and other charity organisations are supporting people in this area with hand outs. People receive free food, blankets, building materials, ect. Over the past year people are so much getting used to getting everything for free, that FABIO has great difficulty in executing the bicycle-on-credit projects here. We feel it is important for people to pay for the bicycle and not get if for free, because it stimulates the ability to manage for oneself and the sustainability of the project. Dispite the impact of the project is clearly visible, the situation has made FABIO to make the though decision to leave Katakwi. The planned Cycle to School project will be relocated to a different location, building on the experiences in Katakwi. In the new school year students can apply for a bicycle on credit. Click here for more information about this project. In the video FABIO’s project manager talks about the relocation of the project.