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Volunteer fundraising / event management

02 April 2014

CooP-Africa is looking for ta volunteer fundraising / event management. For the Dutch job description, go to the Dutch site by clicking on the Dutch flag. 

150 bicycles for health workers Uganda

20 March 2014


150 health workers in Uganda have received Bike4Care bicycles. Volunteer health workers in Uganda visit their patients mostly on foot. By equiping the health workers with bicycles, they can travel faster and futher and reach out to more patients. At the launch of the programme speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga was present. NTV and Bukede covered the event on tv, and NBS and Basoga covered the event on radio. For this project we cooperate with our partner FABIO and get support from Cordaid and other donors. For more information about this project see the Bike4Care project page. To support this programme the support page.

Students develop action plan for Pedi-Teksi

10 March 2014


In December / January, four students from Delft University of Technology (Miriam, Jibbe, Gerbera and Martijn) worked on an action plan for implementation of the Pedicab (called Pedi - Teksi) in Kisumu. Their task was to identify what actions the local staff must take from the moment the bicycle taxis arrive in Kisumu until they actually go on the road. The students about their activities: "The Pedi-Teksi is a pedicab which is supported by an electric motor charged by solar energy, this new and sustainable way of transportation is a very good alternative to the tuktuk, which is very polluting and makes a lot of noise. We had never been in Kisumu Kenya before, so the whole public transport system was new to us. By interviewing tuktuk drivers we learned a lot about the traffic in Kisumu. We made a plan how the pedicab can be operating as taxi service. Since this type of bicycle taxi is a new concept in Kenya it needs to be promoted among locals. We did research on local advertisements and promotion. It was really fun to work with the locals and jointly come up with ideas for the pedi-teksi. Everyone was very excited and by listening to their ideas and wishes we have been able to make a good startup!" For more information about this project, visit the project page Pedicab..

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