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Again 12 health workers on bicycles

15 April 2014


Another 12 health workers in Kenya have received Bike4Care bicycles. Kenya has a system of volunteer health workers, who visit patients in a specific area. These visits are mostly done on foot. By equiping the health workers with bicycles, they can travel faster and futher and reach out to more patients. For this project we get support from Impulsis and other donors. For more information about this project see the Bike4Care project page. To support this programme the support page.

Load your phone while cycling

08 April 2014


LoadOnTheRoad SC. has a great product to make cycling more effective and interesting: the RoadLoader. This is a charger that allows a smartphone, music player or navigation system to be charged while cycling. By purchasing a RoadLoader you support the Bike4Care projects of CooP-Africa. Of every euro profit, 30 cents goes to bicycles for health workers in Africa. The Road Loader only costs 29.99 euros and can be ordered through the website LoadOnTheRoad SC.

Volunteer fundraising / event management

02 April 2014

CooP-Africa is looking for ta volunteer fundraising / event management. For the Dutch job description, go to the Dutch site by clicking on the Dutch flag. 

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