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Bike4Care bicycles for health workers in Kenya

05 October 2014

Bike4Care Kenia

Kenya has a system of volunteer health workers, who visit patients in a specific area. These visits are mostly done on foot. By equiping the health workers with bicycles, they can travel faster and futher and reach out to more patients. 24 health workers have received a Bike4Care bicycle from CooP-Africa. They are also trained in basic maintenance and repairs of the bicycle. For this project we get support from Impulsis and other donors. For more information about this project see the Bike4Care project page. To support this programme the support page.

Bike4Work farmers receive bicycle

01 October 2014

Bike4Work farmers

50 farmers have received a bicycle in a new revolving fund of CooP-Kenya. In this programme small entrepreneurs and farmers can pay-off the bicycle in small terms (mostly through the use of mobile money). These bicycles enable farmers to carry more products to the market, visit markets more often and visit markets which on foot are out of reach. The revolving fund is managed by CooP-Kenya and our aim is to extent the fund bit by bit. With your donation of € 180 we can add a bicycle to the revolving fund. Transfer your donation to SNS Bank account number: in the name of 'Stichting Cycling out of Poverty', IBAN: NL68 SNSB 0906146356, Swift code: SNSBNL2A.

Jur cycles for bicycles

29 September 2014

Jur Schuurman

Many cyclist raise funds during their cycling tours for their favourite charity: CooP-Africa. Jur Schuurman raised more than € 1,000 for farmers to gain better access to markets. Jur cycled the 100 cols’ tour in France ( More about his activities you can read on his CooP-Africa sponsor blog. Are you also planning a bicycle tour and do you want to raise funds for CooP-Africa? Contact us via our website. 

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