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53 more health workers on bicycles

05 May 2014


53 more health workers in Kenya are now serving the community on bicycles. They have received their Bike4Care bicycles during a CooP-Africa event. Kenya has a system of volunteer health workers, who visit patients in a specific area. These visits are mostly done on foot. By equiping the health workers with bicycles, they can travel faster and futher and reach out to more patients. For this project we get support from Impulsis, Achmea Foundation, and other donors. For more information about this project see the Bike4Care project page. To support this programme the support page.

Bike4School saves shoes

01 May 2014


Kiyemba Godfrey is a student in the Bike4School programme. He wrote an essay about the Bike4School bicycle saving his shoes from wearing on the way footing to school daily, and that now he uses the bicycle he takes years without buying any new shoes. Kiyemba Godrey's essay was selected for the Bike4School photobook, of which he is now handed a copy. You can buy the Bike4School photo book and in that way support CooP-Africa's Bike4School programme. Go to the support page for more information.

12 more bicycles for students

29 April 2014


At St. Paul Secondary School in Uganda, 12 more students have received bicycles under the Bike4School programme. Students who walk long distances to school can use a bicycle to ease their burden and spend more time and energy on school work. For more information about the Bike4School projects, go to the Bike4School project page. To support Bike4School go to the support page.

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