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Students on bikes perform well

21 April 2014


Students in the Bike4School programme get access to a bicycle to go to school. Many students walk long distances to school and back home, reducing their time and energy they can spend on school work. Last years Bike4School students have all improved their performance and attendance at school, and therefore they have now been awarded a school fees and meals voucher. Apparently the combination of using a bicycle to go to school and being awarded a voucher when performance is kept up, is paying off. For more information about the Bike4School projects, go to the Bike4School project page. To support Bike4School go to the support page.

Happy Easter

20 April 2014


Give this Easter a Bike4Work entrepreneur a bicycle! Go to the support page to support Bike4Work.

Bike4Care in Al Jazeera's The Cure

18 April 2014

Last year, Al Jazeera visited our Bike4Care project in Kenya. The video shown on the right was broadcased in Al Jazeera's The Cure. Click on the video to view the programme and to see more about Bike4Care. For more information about the Bike4Care programme, click here.

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