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Sponsor tour from Alaska to Panama

28 August 2014

Menno Dekhuyzen fiets voor CooP-Africa

Since early July, Menno Dekhuyzen is cycling from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Panama City, Panama. On his recumbent bicycle he raises funds for Bike4Care. He aims to raise € 2,250 with which CooP-Africa can distribute 15 bicycles to volunteer health workers in Africa. Because of this 1,500 households have better access to health care. A bicycle saves lives! Give Menno mental support and CooP-Africa financial support and sponsor via

47 more health workers on bicycles

26 August 2014

Bike4Care Kenya

47 more health workers in Kenya are now serving the community on bicycles. They have received their Bike4Care bicycles during a CooP-Africa event. Kenya has a system of volunteer health workers, who visit patients in a specific area. These visits are mostly done on foot. By equiping the health workers with bicycles, they can travel faster and futher and reach out to more patients. The health workers are trained in basic maintenance and repairs of the bicycle. For this project we get support from Impulsis and other donors. For more information about this project see the Bike4Care project page. To support this programme the support page.

Bicycle ambulances manufactured

21 August 2014


In 2011 4 students of the University of Technology in Delft designed a bicycle ambulance (more CooP-Africa bicycle designs). Now in 2014 this design has been improved and again brought back into production. Since the bicycle factory in The Green Hub has not yet been completed the ambulances are manufactured on a temporary workplace. But in a few months time the bicycle ambulances will be manufactured in The Green Hub amongst other bicycle designs. The bicycle ambulances are saving lifes in rural Africa.

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