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Annual report 2013 available

24 June 2014

Summary annual report 2013

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More students on bicycles

05 June 2014


Again, bicycles have been given out to students in the Bike4School programme in Uganda. Bicycles are a popular means of transport among students, but affordability is an issue. Under the Bike4School programme students can acquire a bicycle on a reduced rate, and "pay" part of it by performing well in school. For more information about the Bike4School projects, go to the Bike4School project page. To support Bike4School go to the support page.

More bicycle mechanics trained

30 May 2014


CooP-Africa believes that capacitating bicycle mechanics enables them to improve their income. In Jinja District in Uganda 4 mechanics were trained to be bicycle mechanics. Most of them were already working as mechanic, but without proper training. Therefore, they were not able to fix more complex problems. Due to this training they can now increase their work and income. For more information about the Bike4Work projects, go to the Bike4Work project page. To support Bike4Work go to the support page.

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